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Artist Statement

I make paintings, drawings and sculptures. I work in an alternating rhythm of fast-paced high productivity followed by a slower gestation period. I create work in multiples, series and "batches." My stretched canvases are sometimes painted in oils, but most often I produce paintings with acrylic based paints because I enjoy the fast drying time. I also attach found objects to the surface and use thickeners mixed into the paint. I prefer acrylic media because it is a good "glue" for my method of painting. Lately, I have been employing more found objects and disparate media in efforts to move away from the limitations of stretched canvas. The physical nature of the work is three-dimensional, however it still relies on the wall as a support.

My works on paper are drawings of objects that I am trying to make, mechanical drawings of installations I am working on, or simply ideas and notes. I also make finished paintings on paper for the pure joy of making images and manipulating media.

The sculpture I make ranges from small table-top sized, manipulated found object pieces, to life size tableaus and wall sized installations. The installations can be made up of hundreds of objects. These objects vary from desks, chairs and furniture, to collections of rocks and bones and jars of nuts and bolts. I employ the sounds and light from old radios and televisions.

My work is a reflection of my need to make order out of chaos and give meaning to the incoherent. What is of primary interest to me is the physical process of making art and the recognition of my inherent desire to fix things, make things, and make things better. I want to learn and be inspired to make new things.

My motivation is derived from subject matter as diverse as love, death, history, war, religion, faith, spirituality, society, politics, weapons, war, waste, hate, memory, money, power, guns and greed. Sometimes I treat these subjects with humor or bath it with satire. Other times the subjects are treated with anger or wrapped in compassion.

My work is characterized by the humorous, unpredictable and provocative use of ordinary materials, and my process is fueled by an interest in reclaiming, recycling and reorganizing the abundance of discarded, rejected and overlooked materials of our society. I am interested in surplus materials and objects that have the worn patina of human use. I think my work addresses issues and raises questions about acquisition and about arranging and organizing the world in which we live.

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